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The Blade Is Back

Posted by Blade On July - 1 - 2010

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been several months since my last blog post. What can I say man, it’s been a heavy past couple of months. There’s been lots going in general and in my life. I know some of you were wondering what happened to me. Some of you were asking me if I had gotten a girlfriend and run off and abandoned the SolidGame. Well I’m here to say no such thing has happened… yet hahaha.
The thing is about my blog is that I prefer not to talk about every single thing that happens on a daily or weekly basis. You can find that on other blogs. I’d much prefer to share with you things that might either entertain you, school you or both.

So what’s been going on the past couple months, well in case you are not from this planet…The WORLD CUP! The nations of the world have descended upon the South African shores to watch and attend the greatest game on earth, world cup football.

It has also been winter, not exactly my favourite season, but with the world cup distraction it hasn’t been that crazy. Last week was winter solstice, so days get longer nights get shorter and so do skirts. No complaints here.

A few months ago I said I would be reviving an old hobby, one of the hobbies I started around the same time I started this blog.  Stand-up Comedy.

Yep that’s right mafaka, Blade does stand-up. The first few times on stage were nerve wracking. I was so nervous. I sucked!
But I kept at it and still am. I’m feeling a whole lot more comfortable and confident and it’s just getting better and better. Kinda like social skills or The Game. The more you challenge yourself and push yourself the more confident you become and the better you get.

What kind of material do I do? Well, my material is inspired by my daily life, friends and this thing I call The Game. Wanna know more? Come see the show. I’ll provide details.

So, you can expect a whole lot more updates and more regularly starting from today.

There are a few things I’ve observed and noticed over the past couple months that we can chat about.
The most important topic I’d like to talk about over tomorrow is called  Bridging. Getting over that game where you are flirty and friendly with a girl and kicking it up a notch and turning the heat right up. Yeah it’s about to get saucy in this peace.
I’ll be seeing you.

The Blade Is back.

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6 Responses to “The Blade Is Back”

  1. Nick Soper says:

    That top pic is redonkulous! See you at the next gig :-p

  2. FeistyFemale says:

    Looking forward to sarkily responding to your male-views again. Welcome back tiger.

  3. Sean says:

    now remember to tell your manager to start playing hardball. you won’t go up unless you’re backstage has your complimentary 6 bottles of Perrier, ps3 – fifa2010, thai masseuse, 2 bottles Patron, a plate of curly fries and chilli poppers and two or three soft at heart-thug type Yes men (Tracy Jordan has Dot.Com and Kevin Brown to keep him off the straight and narrow). if your manager is unable to deliver, you know who to call.

  4. Thomas says:

    Gee’s who knew…

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