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Never give a woman extra credit for her beauty

Posted by Blade On August - 12 - 2010

Last night was time for my first bi-annual visit to a strip club…obviously. Me and some of my friends from my stand-up comedy circuit decided to give Mavericks a visit.  It was rather cool…the club was relatively empty and the girls were bored.
One of my friends had these hipster spectacles. The ones that you wear not because you have an eye problem, you just wear them for the fuck of it…cause it looks good. He had a Clark Kent thing going. Any way cut to the incident.

We got to talking to some of the girls. One of the, quite a beautiful Russian girl, noticed my friends fake glasses. She then proceeded to give him shit about her spects. Just randomly went on about how pretentious he looked…and how it was so unnecessary….random nastiness. It was quite odd seeing such a hottie exhibit such a nasty personality. I didn’t think much of the feeling I got in that moment at the time ( tities in ones face is distracting that way). I did think about it in my hung-over state this morning.

A wise man once said to me. Approach all women knowing that they have a light and a dark side. Never give a woman any extra credit because of her appearance or because of your attraction to her. It is immature and irresponsible to give a woman credit just because she’s hot or to think that she is more honest and trustworthy than the next girl.

This is not to say don’t appreciate a woman’s physical beauty. That is not the issue. I’m just saying you need to understand that her looks have nothing to do with whether she is a good or bad person.

What happened with the nasty stripper? We made fun of HER fake tits and sent her packing….in a gentlemanly fashion of course.

She was being a buzz kill.

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4 Responses to “Never give a woman extra credit for her beauty”

  1. Mumz says:

    Bi-annual? Really?

    • Blade says:

      Yes Bi-annual.
      that was the first time…there is another one coming.
      one winter visit and one summer vist.
      you can count on it.

  2. Mumz says:

    You are very true about the physical appearance of a woman. A wise man once told me that you never put a women on a pedastal because of her beauty until you have heard her speak. You might find that she is like Simba chips. The packaging looks great and but once you open the packet, there’s only about 1 chips inside…

  3. Chris M says:

    The club’s been jacked up a huge amount since last year, that much I can tell you. When it comes to Mavericks though, the idea is to go fairly often, get to know one or two of the dancers and then stick with them and build up a ‘relationship’ – this appears to work really well. Guess the other side is to go and drop 10k each time ;)

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