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MAN Show Begins: New SABC 3 Reality TV Show

Posted by Blade On January - 20 - 2010

A few months ago I found out on twitter about a new TV show about to hit South African televisions. The show is called MAN. The show is about the love lives of 4 Cape Townian guys Henri SlierKaizer TsosaneTrevor Gow and Maurice Levin.

It was subsequently postponed due to SABC 3’s cricket commitments (ENG vs RSA: which South Africa won btw ).
They later got a new airdate! 22 January 2010 on SABC 3. That’s is in a few days. So just to bring you up to speed, here is what has happened between last few months to now.

MAN had a launch party @ Mavericks in Cape Town, which I couldn’t attended unfortunately too late to get tickets. Judging from the pics and talk around the water cooler, it was quite an event!

Here is a video and some pics, you can do your own research on it.

I should be doing a weekly episode review. And hopefully get you some behind the scenes stuff from the show.

For a good Idea of what kinda vibe to expect on the show watch this preview clip of Episode 1, Season 1 of MAN.

What am I doing this Friday night. I’m having a nice cold Jack Black Beer watching and MAN on SABC 3 @ 21:30h.

Of course I’m rolling out after.

It’s going to be legendary!

Follow the show here:

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5 Responses to “MAN Show Begins: New SABC 3 Reality TV Show”

  1. Debsalem Bloom says:

    Please forward this to MAURICE LEVIN

    Dear Maurice,

    You asked me to email you with my contact details.

    On Monday evening, 05 March 2010, I met you at the V&A Waterfront and offered feedback on your role in MAN.

    It concerns me that you are actually getting lonely and not finding emotional connectedness with a woman. I have a Masters degree in Social Work, am a Reiki Master and have done work in the area of Gender Reconciliation. I have a few ideas and suggestions that could be highly beneficial for you individually and MAN as a program.

    Blessings and good wishes,
    Debsalem Bloom
    Cell: 072 327 6989

  2. LucasJ says:


    Is there any websites that I can either watch or download these shows? I live in Canada and do not have that broadcast. I’m really interested to see another side of the game compared to over here and what it takes to attract a woman. These guys seem to be quite entertaining and wish I could get a glimpse at that. Thanks in advance.

    Yours truly,
    Game aficionado #1

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  5. Dean says:

    These guys are all spineless and vile yuk yuk yuk give me a God-fearing Wild at Heart real man any time

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