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The Way of the One Man Wolfpack

Posted by Blade On August - 24 - 2010

Many of my friends find it strange that I sometimes head out on a night alone. I usually declare that “I am a one man Wolfpack tonight” on my Facebook status. Lots people find it uncomfortable just…chillin’ by themselves. Being the lone wolf is not a new state of being for me. When I first moved to Cape Town I had very few friends. I found that I had to get out there to make connections. This strategy has since paid off. There are several advantages to being a One Man Wolfpack. Let’s talk about a few today.

Agility and Freedom Of Decision

We all know that a night out can take a life of its own. When you are rolling a big group you generally don’t have the freedom to make a decisions. You don’t or might not have the agility to go where the night takes you. There is usually someone in the group who might not be on fire like you. Or a member of your crew wore his board shorts instead of suiting up that evening, so you end up not being able to get into that top class venue that you planned to check out.

When you are a one man wolf pack you have the ability to make a decision and the agility to action it right then and there.

Nights are precious and sometimes there is no time to fanny about.


Let’s face it, good nights out aren’t cheap sometimes. Pre-game dinner and drinks, cover charge, the cigars, patrons, bouncers tip, barman’s tip, waitress’s tip, taxi ride…this shit piles up! When you are rolling with a crew you might have to subsidise someone in your crew. It sometimes happens that you buy a round of drinks that is not returned. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem buying my crew a round of drinks. But as a one man wolf pack you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Probably one of my favourite reasons I like to roll solo. It’s the air of mystery carry with you.

You are suited up, chilling at your favourite cigar lounge or fly cocktail lounge. Single Hennessey on the rocks in hand, contemplative look on your eye. If the ladies happen to notice you, they usually will have a couple of theories about you …from creep to drug king-pin. The truth is they don’t know. Which makes it all the better when you walk over there and introduce yourself. Showing them that you are indeed a charming and interesting guy that has the self-confidence to just get out there and meet people.

Innovative Game

If you find rolling solo is outside of your comfort zone, you need to know that that is a good thing. It’s an ideal position for you to try new ways to meet people and allow yourself to fail. You don’t have your friends on your back pressuring you or ridiculing you when you crash and burn.

Time spent alone is time spent with someone you love dearly. You came into this world with him and you are going to leave this world with him. Get to know him  and give others a chance to get to know him too.

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3 Responses to “The Way of the One Man Wolfpack”

  1. Holly Vegas says:

    I agree with you, I used to go out on my own all the time back in the day. Theres nothing like having that freedom to pick and choose what you want to do without anyone holding you back. You end up meeting some really interesting people, you can talk to whoever and the night is essentially yours for the taking. However back in the day it was alot safer and less risk going out on your own, perhaps it was the invincibility of teenage/early twenties that allowed that confidence but nowadays I just dont feel safe being female and heading out on my own. I have to say though I do miss it.

  2. Jay says:

    Hey man

    Great website and good post.I moved to CPT 3 months ago from JHB and im finding that i need to start this whole make friends again thing.I havn’t started trying because i like to roll alone as i love my alone time but sometimes it just gets to me that i dont have a group of friends (like i did in JHB) that i can just call up and see what they are doing. I dont think i have ever talked to a woman in a bar before that i didnt know.The thought of getting shot down is not a good one for me but i havnt been able to overcome my fear yet.I look forward to reading the rest of your site!

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